10, 2016

Panic is always on the horizon as you flush your toilet and watch the water start to rise to the rim. A clogged toilet can be terribly messy and cause damage if not fixed quickly. Among the reasons for a clogged toilet are small children have a tendency to flush things and sometimes tree roots break pipes and cause clogs. Not often do we think that the toilet paper we use can actually be the culprit.
The truth is, as we have options for extra strong and soft toilet papers, these may not be good for your pipes and sewer system especially if you have older pipes.
The key to preventing problems is finding the best toilet paper available that gets the job done, and keeps your pipes and sewer system clear.
The ideal toilet paper has a fast rate of dissolving. Instead of battling with a plunger after every bathroom visit, spend a little time on the Internet and choose a toilet paper that fits your needs and is kind to your plumbing. If you are looking for some good information both Good Housekeeping and Consumer Reports offer detailed trials and analysis of types of toilet paper, and ranks them accordingly. Who knew that choosing your toilet paper could be such a topic?