24, 2012

Many homeowners do not pay attention to the water pressure in their home. San Antonio Water System (SAWS) recommends the safe psi of 80 or below. This also adheres to code for San Antonio homeowners. By regulating your water pressure you can comply with current code and save water while maintaining satisfactory pressure.

Shafer Services provides installation options that help regulate pressure including pressure relief valves and expansion tanks. These valves are installed on the homeowner’s side of the water heater. They maintain a set pressure in the home while insuring the home’s piping and appliances are safe and water supply is with a safe and satisfactory pressure. If your water pressure is too strong it can erode away piping materials and sediment buildup in your supply lines.  This can cause appliances such as water heaters, pipes, and faucets, to break down.

If you are unsure of the water pressure in your home, call Shafer Services and they can help you by testing your pressure and ensuring your system is to code, ultimately saving you money on water bills and maintenance.