Did you know that Shafer can help you with your home water treatment needs? We can and will! Our plumbing technicians can give you information and provide you with options that will help you make an educated decision when purchasing a water treatment system for your home. Hard water and calcium creates scale in pipes, on appliances and other plumbing surfaces. This leads to higher heating and energy costs and expensive repairs to water heaters and appliances, such as ice machines, coffee makers, dishwashers as well as air conditioning equipment. Scale can also be a source for bacteria to grow, which can be a health concern in your drinking water.

Shafer Services has a new line of high efficiency water conditioning systems including scale prevention systems and dual-media water softeners & filters.

A water softener can provide you with:

  • Spot free glassware and dishes
  • No “soap scum” on tubs, sinks, and shower walls
  • Reduced soap and other cleaning product usage by 75%
  • Softer, healthier skin and hair
  • Protect expensive water using appliances
  • Save on energy consumption

Before you call one of those big “chains,” call someone you’ve trusted with your home comfort needs,call Shafer and we’ll be glad to schedule a technician out to evaluate your water softening needs and make some money saving recommendations for your home!

We have built our business on the back of uncompromising, almost legendary customer service.

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