5 Unexpected Tips For Keeping Your Home Cooler This Summer

Summer in Texas is HOT, so we’re offering up a few ways to reduce the heat inside your home and maintain a more comfortable temperature for you and your family. 

1. Check the settings on your dishwasher: Many dishwashers have an energy saver setting that will clean your dishes while also using the most efficient heat to wash and dry. Another way to minimize the warm air and heat produced by your dishwasher is to use the air-dry cycle. This will eliminate extra heat produced when drying dishes. You should also try to avoid running high heat or sanitation cycles during the day. Plan a full load and run it overnight when your home is cooler and the sun has set.


2. Check the vent on your clothes dryer: Make sure the vent from your dryer is sealed, free of lint, and is venting outside your home. When your dryer is not properly vented, the dampness pulled from clothing can return back into your home. This will increase the indoor humidity and cause your air conditioner to work harder to cool the space. You could even skip the dryer altogether and hang your clothes in the sun to dry!


3. Move your cooking outside: Give your stove a break and practice your gilling technique! Summer is a great time to keep cooking heat outdoors. Whether you’re using a gas or charcoal grill, there are so many options for delicious dishes without heating up your kitchen. You might even set up an outdoor kitchen and challenge yourself to cook your entire meal outside- even dessert!


4. Reconsider your landscaping: Take a look at areas around your home, at different times of the day, and see where the sun might be pouring into a window or beating on the side of your house. Consider planting a tree or sun-loving shrubs or flowers to help shade the areas and keep your home cooler.


5. Take a cool shower: The heat and humidity from a hot shower permeates through your home. On the warmest days you might consider taking a cooler than normal shower, especially if you’re showering in a warmer part of the day. A cooler shower will also make your body feel cooler and keep you more comfortable.

Summertime is all about outside activity and fun, but when it’s time to be inside you want your home comfortable and cool. If your air conditioner needs replacing or service, the professionals at Shafer will evaluate your home and provide you with multiple options and a written price quote before any work begins.

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