Smart thermostats – are they a smart investment?

In a lot of ways, smart thermostats work like traditional thermostats. The difference is that smart thermostats connect to WiFi and can be controlled through smartphone apps. Some even learn your repetitive use behaviors, collect that data, and decide when to heat and cool a home.

But are they worth the price tag? The average smart thermostat costs between $200 and $300. Professional installation usually runs about $400.

The answer: smart thermostats can be more than worth it, for the right tenant or homeowner. They can help save money and energy, they can be completely customized to the user’s needs, and they can be controlled remotely.

How do you know if a smart thermostat is right for you?


·        Energy Savings – The average homeowner sees $180 in savings each year.

·        Convenient Customization – Users can adjust temperatures and customize schedules based on their habits. This usually means keeping things cooler while people are home and warmer while they’re gone which saves energy and money.


·        How Busy is Your House – For a smart thermostat to function at peak efficiency, the home should be people-free for at least part of the day. Otherwise, you’ll miss the opportunity to adjust temperatures accordingly and save money.

·        May Require Professional Installation – Before choosing a product, it’s important to contact a reputable service provider to ensure that your preferred thermostat functions with your existing cooling and heating system.

If you’ve decided that a smart thermostat is right for you, we recommend basing your purchase off of compatibility, price, the software’s compatibility with your phone or smart device, and ease of use.

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