Signs your AC needs repair

HVAC units in Texas aren’t a luxury. They’re a necessity. Pay attention to these warning signs to catch an HVAC problem before your unit goes out altogether.

Warning Signs:

  1. Hot or cold spots
  2. Increased indoor humidity 
  3. Blowing warm air
  4. Low airflow
  5. Unusual odors
  6. Strange sounds
  7. Decreased indoor air quality
  8. Higher energy bills

Shafer’s trusted HVAC professionals are here to diagnose your issue and provide you with multiple solutions to meet your needs and budget. We’ll walk you through options and answer your questions. 

Shafer also offers San Antonio’s most comprehensive and affordable preventative maintenance plan to prevent issues, prolong the life of your HVAC unit, and save you energy costs. It’s protection for your home that saves you time and money. 

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