Duct Replacement in San Antonio

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Signs you need this

  • Your ducts are 15+ years old. Once ductwork gets past the 15-year mark, holes start to form from wear and tear. Those holes allow for pest infestation—or worse, they may cause the ducts to completely collapse. If your ducts are getting near that age, you might want to look into replacing them.
  • High energy bills. If you notice your energy bills steadily increasing (and usage has stayed the same), you could be losing air to leaks or holes in your ducts. If the leaks are small enough, you can have a professional seal your ducts. Otherwise, you're usually better off replacing your ductwork rather than paying for the higher energy bills.
  • Inconsistent room temperatures. If some rooms tend to be cooler or warmer than others, you might have leaky or unbalanced ducts. If your ducts are unbalanced, that means your ducts weren't properly designed for your home and HVAC needs, so you ended up with ducts they are too large or small for your system. To fix unbalanced ducts, you'll need a professional to design a new layout for you.
  • Poor indoor air quality. When your ductwork has gaps or holes, it will push contaminants (dust, dirt, pollen, etc.) throughout your home. All that debris blowing into your home not only leads to a dirty/dusty home, it also results in aggravated allergies.

In general, if your entire duct system is in poor condition, you're probably better off replacing it. Think you just need a duct repair? We do that too. Contact us and we'll send a tech to find and fix the problem.

What's included

  • Free in-home consultation and load calculation by a trained design consultant
  • A trained, licensed and friendly installation team
  • All duct parts and materials needed to complete the job
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • 1-year labor warranty


  • Low: $2,200
  • Average: $5,600
  • High: $8,800

Duct installation prices vary depending on the:

  • Material of the new ducts. You'll pay more for fiberglass duct board or sheet metal ducts than you will for flexible aluminum or non-metallic ones.
  • Size and layout of your home. The larger your home and the more complex the layout is (i.e. several floors vs. just one), the more you'll pay for your duct replacement.
  • Number of systems you have. Your cost will increase with the number of systems in your home. More systems mean more ductwork, which translates to more materials and labor costs.