We hope this note finds you all in good health. As our nation and global organizations work toward resolving the current Coronavirus outbreak we want to take a few minutes to touch base with you, share the most recent information that we have, and explain how we plan to play our part in reducing the spread of the virus.

Extreme Cleanliness -

Starting on March 8th, we implemented new policy requiring our service professionals to disinfect their hands and tablets before every customer visit. We will continue to dispose of all gloves and shoe covers after each visit.

Personal Space –

We have instructed our personnel to respect you and your family’s personal space and per CDC recommendations, maintain a space of at least 3ft from others. For the time being we will also refrain from offering a handshake greeting, please understand that is not a lack of respect but us looking out for your health and others.

Scheduling Flexibility –

We have asked any employee who is displaying acute respiratory illness symptoms to stay home. We feel strongly that this is our responsibility but unfortunately, it does present the chance that our service capacity could potentially be affected. For the time being we ask for your support and understanding if we run into scheduling difficulties due to being short staffed. This is not our intent but want to be proactive in communicating about this.

Information Sharing–

We will be sure to keep you up to speed on anything regarding in home/office health as it relates to HVAC and Plumbing. Please see below for a product that we have installed in our own building and many of our customers have relied on to kill virus molecules and improve indoor air quality.

The iWave-R is an IAQ product that is designed to kill mold, bacteria, and viruses in your home's HVAC and air equipment. This product can be installed by one of our Shafer Technicians, so please just give us a call for more information!