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When you and your home are in need of Rooter Services, you can trust the experts at Shafer Services Plus. Our certified, trained and insured technicians have the skills, knowledge, and tools to service all of your Rooter needs.

When your Shafer Services Plus Rooter professional arrives at your home, they will take the time to explain all of your options before starting any services so you can feel confident to make informed decisions before any work begins. We are always ready to take your call at 210-227-8358 or Contact Us at any time.

We have experience providing Rooter services on almost all brands of equipment and specialize in servicing older equipment, so you know you will have your Rooter job done right.

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Expert Rooter Services Near San Antonio, TX by Shafer Services Plus

What is Rooter Service by Shafer Services Plus?

If you have a persistent problem with your home plumbing system, it may require rooter service from Shafer Services Plus technicians. But what is a rooter service? Rooter service refers to drain clearing or pipe repair to address clogged lines that are causing problems for your San Antonio, TX home’s plumbing system.

First, a Shafer Services Plus plumbing professional will inspect your plumbing system to determine if you have a root issue. If you do, the professional will use the rooter machine and insert it into the pipes of your home plumbing system to cut through tree roots obstructing your pipes. The technician will then run water through the lines to be sure the obstruction has been removed.

Why Do You Need Rooter Services For Your Drains?

There are some telltale signs that your home plumbing system may be in need of rooter services. If you find yourself encountering any of these issues, no need to worry! The plumbing professionals at Shafer Services Plus are providing the best rooter services in the San Antonio, TX area! Here are some indicators that your home plumbing system may be in need of root services:
Regardless of the problem, Shafer Services Plus rooter service technicians will determine what requires attention before any work is begun, so you will know exactly what solution is best for your San Antonio, TX home’s drains.

Schedule a Comprehensive Rooter Drain Cleaning Service Near You in San Antonio, TX

Is one or many of your home drains experiencing issues? Shafer Services Plus is the trusted name in San Antonio, TX rooter drain clearing near you. Schedule your rooter service today and ensure your drains are clear and clean!
The ultimate cost of rooter service generally depends on the extent of the problem. If your pipes have been extensively infiltrated by tree roots and/or other debris the cost is likely to be higher. Contact Shafer Services Plus today to have them come out to your home to diagnose the problem!

Homeowners often require rooter service when they need drain clearing or pipe repair to address obstructions stemming from tree roots in your home plumbing system. Rooter technicians from Shafer Services Plus can provide rooter services if you call today!

A rooter machine is a machine Shafer Services Plus technicians use for drain cleaning. When the cable from the rooter machine is inserted into a water or sewer line, it has the capability to cut through any roots or debris causing blockages in the line.
A rooter service uses specialized tools such as augers and high-pressure water jets to clear clogs and obstructions from the pipes. They can also repair damaged or collapsed sewer lines, as well as provide preventive maintenance services to stop future blockages. In addition to these services, most rooter companies offer video camera inspections for drain lines, so they can get a better view of what’s going on inside your pipes. This helps them diagnose problems more accurately, which leads to faster repairs and fewer costly mistakes.
Signs that you may need a rooter service include slow drainage, gurgling noises coming from the sink or tub drains, persistent clogging or backflow issues, foul odors coming from drains, and flooding in basement or crawl spaces due to blocked sewers.
Yes, it is best to have a trained professional conduct any type of rooter service. Professionals are knowledgeable about the most effective ways to remove build-up from your pipes and drains as well as how to properly identify any potential issues with your plumbing system before they become major problems.

$93 Rooter Service Special

What you get from Shafer Services Plus:
  • We will come to your home.
  • We will clean out the mainline (toilet), kitchen sink and laundry drains. Must be an accessible clean out.
  • If the drain is inaccessible additional fees may apply.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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