• What’s it going to cost? / What is your hourly rate?

    Until we verify exactly what is needed, it would not be fair to either of us to quote a price before we come out. We charge a nominal dispatch fee that covers the company’s expense and overhead for sending a fully trained and background checked technician with a fully stocked vehicle to your home to diagnose your concern.

  • How long will it take to fix my problem?

    It is not always easy to tell you how long the work will take until we have the opportunity to take a closer look at what your specific job entails. Some jobs are completed in 30 minutes and others will take a couple of days for completion. We do understand that your time is important and we will make every effort to get the job completed in a timely manner, restoring your comfort as soon as possible.

  • How much warranty do I get or have on the products?

    Warranties vary but Shafer stands behind a 90 day to one year warranty on most repairs.

  • Do you work on weekends?

    On Saturday we do overflow jobs from the week and emergency repairs, all at regular rates. We are available evenings and on Sundays for your emergencies that can’t wait. Please note that we do charge an extra fee to help defer after hours expenses.

  • Who is the technician you are sending out?

    Shafer technicians are typically assigned to a job as they become available. Each team member’s picture and profile will be emailed to you upon dispatch to your home. You will be able to “meet” your tech and recognize him upon his arrival. Our Customer Service Representatives are working to obtain your email address so that we can provide you with a quality Shafer experience.

  • Are the technicians qualified to fix my problem?

    Shafer only employs experienced professionals with clean drug and background checks. Shafer professionals are constantly trained on new technical advances and use state of the art diagnostic equipment. Our whole-house team offers the highest quality plumbing, heating and air conditioning service, maintenance, repair and replacement you will find in San Antonio.

  • Do I have to be home for the visit?

    Yes, for your peace of mind and ours we require you the homeowner or a consenting adult to be available in your home for your Shafer appointment. This is our assurance to you that the job and our team members are working to the highest standard. Your technician will need to sit down with you after his diagnosis, to discuss upfront your options, pricing and get your signature in order to begin the work that needs done.

  • What products do you install or carry? What AC brands do you sell?

    We only provide trusted quality AC and plumbing products. Ruud, Mitsubishi, American Standard, Nelsen, Kohler and Rheem are just a few of the quality brands we partner with to bring you quality products for your home. The great relationships we have with the distributors for these products make the difference in our equipment selection. Other brands can be provided as well, for specific system match-ups. Just a note: Shafer services all brands of air conditioning equipment.

  • What type of rebates can I qualify for?

    CPS offers rebates for new high efficiency AC equipment and ductwork renovations. They also offer rebates for electric to gas conversions and gas water heater installations. SAWS also offers numerous rebates for water saving initiatives and installations. We will gladly help you understand what is offered through these programs.

  • Do you share my information with a third party?

    Never! Any information we collect from you is safely held within the walls of Shafer Services. We NEVER share or sell your information to anyone outside of Shafer.

  • How safe is my Credit Card or checking account information?

    Your information is securely protected. We utilize a processing merchant service with an encryption system when processing your credit card information in for payment.

  • I am getting a lot of dust in the house, what can I do? Do I need to clean my ducts?

    Where is the dust coming from is the real question. Before we just come in and “clean up the dirt”, we need to test the ductwork for leakage to determine why this is happening in your home. A performance test will determine the source of your problem and give you a long-term solution to your dirty duct issue.

  • How do I know that you can solve my problem? Nobody else has been able to.

    Shafer technicians are not alone when they come to your house. They have the entire Shafer team of expertise to pull from. In addition we have experienced managers to help troubleshoot issues as well as good working relationships with manufacturers’ technical staff.

  • My AC works so why do I need a maintenance check done?

    We perform a very thorough system check of your system and offer options that will help keep it from breaking down and costing you more on your utility bills. Because we care about more than just your home comfort we also offer options that help improve your health and wellness with great things like air and water filtration. Service Plan Partners receive 2 system checks as well as a plumbing system check as a part of the plan.

  • How loud is the new system going to be?

    Most new systems are dramatically less noisy than the older systems. No one likes a noisy system and the manufacturers have kept this in mind as they develop new products for your home.

  • How efficient is this system?

    Some of the newer systems are up to 50% more efficient than their predecessors. Replacing your older system with a new high efficiency one can save you money on your energy bills while keeping you more comfortable.

  • My water heater is making rumbling noises. Is that a problem?

    Calcium build up on the inside of the water heater causes this “rumble.” It also robs the heater of efficiency. Depending on the age of our water heater there are two different scenarios for dealing with this problem; replacement or cleaning. We also offer water softening options that will help lengthen the life of your plumbing equipment and fixtures.

  • Does a tankless water heater get the hot water to the faucets faster?

    No, tankless water heaters are designed to come on only when demand for hot water is called for, thus offering you energy savings. Once the hot water gets to the fixture then you will have endless hot water. Shafer offers alternate options that can help you conserve water and expedite your hot water delivery.

  • Should I buy my own AC System on the internet or at a box store?

    With today’s shopping environment it is not difficult to find even AC systems listed for sale on the internet and in the box stores. We’d like to caution you before you make that purchase. In most cases you get what you pay for. While you may get a great deal on the system, you may not have a manufacturer’s warranty, be missing parts or it may not be exactly what you need. There’s a lot more to buying and installing an air conditioning system than just plugging it in. Our process begins with a whole-house evaluation to design the right system for your home/space. We order each and every part needed for your install from reputable suppliers. Each part and component is inspected when it’s delivered to our warehouse before it is installed. Our factory trained install team takes great care to install your system to factory specifications.

  • Do I need a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV)? Why?

    High water pressure and hard water cause most of the problems with your plumbing fixtures. If your water pressure is over 80psi, a PRV is recommended to prevent damage to your appliances, your faucets and fixtures. A Thermal Expansion Tank is coupled with a PRV for preventing damage to your water heater.

  • My water bill is high and I can’t find a leak or hear water running. What should I do?

    A simple water pressure test can be performed to detect a leak. You may also look at your water meter to see if it is moving when no water is being used in your home.

  • Sometimes my toilet flushes by itself in the middle of the night. Is it haunted?

    No, your toilet is not haunted. Most commonly this phantom flusher is a result of a flapper malfunction. A simple home test is to place a few drops of food coloring in your tank. If the water in your bowl shows color it is time to replace the flapper.

  • Is it a good idea to close the air conditioning vents to the rooms I don’t use much?

    NO, closing the vents off can create problems with airflow in your system. Doing this can cause the coil freeze up and grow mold at the vents.

  • Is it ok for my cable or security company to install my thermostat or control my thermostat?

    Although it is an inviting idea that you could connect all of your home’s systems, it is not always a good idea. Your AC system is complex and connecting other devices to it may present problems with your home comfort that could cost you in the long run. We suggest you have only your trusted AC service company and a trained AC technician connect and work on your AC system components, including your thermostat. We have some pretty sweet WiFi T-STATS available for all you techno savvy customers.

  • How do I shut off my water?

    When you must shut off the water supply to your home you will need to locate your home’s water meter. Between the meter and your home you should find a shutoff valve.

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