Shafer HVAC Loaner Program

We have served San Antonio for over 130 years. In that time, we’ve faced challenges before and know that there’s always a solution

Why is there a shortage of HVAC equipment?

Repetitive factory closures during COVID-19 created a tremendous backlog for HVAC equipment. This delayed manufacturers, and in turn, made it difficult for service providers like us to source the exact equipment our customers are requesting.

Our answer is the “HVAC Loaner Program.”

This allows us to loan you HVAC devices until your specific equipment arrives. Loaner equipment is correctly sized for your home or business, but may not have the efficiency level or heating capabilities that you need in the long term.

Even during this backlog, we will not compromise on quality and continue to install superior products. This means we ensure that you stay cool during these hot summer months and warm this winter.

There is no extra charge to use our loaner program, even though it doubles our workload to install the loaner system and then install your actual system when it arrives. We’re doing this because it’s the right thing to do and we are 100% committed to making sure you are well cared for.

Our promise and gift to you:

Our promise is that you can use our loaner equipment until yours arrives. Additionally, we will be gifting you with a free maintenance plan for one year. This means two tune ups to ensure the longevity of your system.

If you are concerned about the current state of your HVAC equipment:

Our team will be happy to perform a tune up to extend its life or share more about our “HVAC Loaner Program,” Please don’t hesitate to call. We are here for you 24/7!

Current supply status:

Manufacturers are not sure when stock levels will return to normal. We will touch base with you monthly to make update you on the status for your unit(s).

Shafer Services Announcement

We’re honored to let you know that Barrett & Sons is now part of the Shafer Services Plus family. For three generations the Barrett family has devoted their lives to building a strong local company and ensuring that your home and business is well cared for. Now, we will continue this commitment as part of Shafer Services Plus, an organization also dedicated to phenomenal service, expert knowledge, and strong company values.

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