Gas Line Installation in San Antonio

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Need a new gas line for an appliance? Or want to convert your home to gas? All of our gas line installations give you peace of mind with:

  • 24/7, same-day service
  • Minimal disruption of your home
  • Friendly plumbers that go the extra mile

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Signs you need this

  • You have a gas leak. Sometimes a gas leak repair will turn into replacing the line. Your plumber will be able to tell whether you should repair your current line or install a new one.
  • You're installing a gas-powered appliance. You'll likely need to either install or extend a gas line if you're:
    • Converting from an electric appliance to a gas-powered one (like a water heater, stove, dryer or furnace)
    • Installing a gas-powered appliance in a new location (a grill or outdoor fireplace, for example)
  • You have copper gas lines. Many plumbers don't recommend using copper for gas lines because it tends to become brittle and crack. Plus, copper is prone to corrosion (especially in humid areas like San Antonio), which, if ignored, can lead to a gas leak.

What's included

  • A trained, licensed, friendly plumber
  • Installation options and upfront pricing
  • Permit application and filing (if necessary)
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • 1-year labor warranty

"I called Shafer Services to repair my dad's hot water heater. The technician they sent out, Ismael, was prompt, professional and courteous. He took the time needed to diagnose the problem, which was an unusual gas line problem, and ended up arranging to have the water heater replaced. Ismael did a good job keeping me informed of his progress and was meticulous about his work and cleaning up. The price was reasonable for the work that was done. We will use Shafer Services again." – 5-star rating from Cynthia O.


  • Low: $1,000
  • Average: $1,500
  • High: $6,000

Your gas line installation cost depends on:

  • Length of the line. The longer the line you need installed, the more you'll pay. A longer line not only requires more materials, but also more time and effort on the plumber's end.
  • Location of the line. Installing a gas line in hard-to-access places, like beneath a slab or in a small crawlspace, will cost more. You might also have to pay cosmetic or landscaping repairs after the line is installed, which will increase your cost.
  • Pipe material. Pipes made of sturdy metal will cost more than ones made of cheaper metal or plastic. Your plumber can tell you which material should be used, based on where you want the gas line installed and why it will be used.
  • Permit fees. The plumber will likely need to pull a permit to install or extend a gas line. The permit fees will add to your overall installation cost.