Water Softener Installation in San Antonio

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Signs you need this

When heated, dissolved hard water minerals recrystallize and form a scale that:

  • Leaves buildup on fixtures
  • Stains dishes, sinks and tubs
  • Increases water bills
  • Shortens the lifespan of water-based appliances (dishwashers, water heaters, coffee makers, etc.)
  • Causes frequent clogs
  • Makes skin dry and itchy
  • Leaves clothes and linens faded and rough

What's included

  • In-home consultation with a licensed plumber
  • A trained, friendly water softener installer
  • System check to make sure everything works properly
  • Disposal of old water softener (if you have one)
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • 90-day labor warranty


  • Low: $1,800
  • Average: $2,700
  • High: $3,300

Your San Antonio water softener installation cost depends on:

  • Size of the water softener you want to install. The larger the water softener, the more you'll pay. To determine the right size softener for your home, your plumber will go over:
    • How many fixtures you have
    • The hardness of your water
    • How much water your family uses
  • Type of water softener you want to install. Traditional salt tank models are the least expensive, while salt-free and dual tank (also called "twin tank") are the most expensive. Magnetic water softeners fall somewhere in the middle.
  • Whether you need to install a water loop. A water loop is a pipe that separates the water you use inside your home (to bathe, cook, clean, etc.) from water used outside for sprinklers, hoses and so on. The loop helps you save money by only softening water that needs it. If your plumber needs to install a water loop, that will add to your overall water softener installation cost.
  • Accessibility of your water heater. If your water heater is located in an spot that's hard to access, this will add time to your installation and drive up labor costs.
  • Whether you add quarterly salt service. To save money on your salt tank water softener maintenance, you can add quarterly salt service to our Pro Plus Advantage plan. This includes:
    • Automatic salt refills
    • Water softener test
    • Water hardness test