Whole Home Repiping in San Antonio

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Signs you need this

  • Low water pressure
  • Frequent leaks
  • Corroding pipes (discoloration, stains, flaking, divots or bumps)
  • Your pipes have reached their average lifespan
    • CPVC: 50–70 years
    • Brass: 40 years
    • Galvanized steel: 50 years
    • Copper: 50 years (less if it's in a concrete slab)
  • Rust-colored or sediment-filled water
  • Hazardous pipe material (lead or polybutylene)

What's included

  • Pinpoint leak test (for single-line repipes)
  • Repair test to make sure your plumbing runs properly
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • 90-day labor warranty


  • Low: $15,000
  • Average: $30,000
  • High: $45,000

Your whole-home repiping cost depends on:

  • Size of your home. The more stories you have, the more your repiping will cost.
  • Number of fixtures and lines. Your repiping cost increases with the number of fixtures and pipelines you have.
  • Access to plumbing. The easier your plumbing is to access, the lower your repiping cost will be. Your repiping cost will increase if:
    • Your home has a slab foundation (no crawlspace)
    • You have a small crawlspace and/or attic that's difficult to navigate
    • Your plumber needs to cut into a lot of walls or ceilings
  • Material of new pipe. Copper will be more expensive to replace than CPVC (chlorinated poly-vinyl chloride) and PEX (cross-linked polyethylene). Your plumber will be able to tell you the pros and cons of each material.
  • Local permit fees. San Antonio requires plumbing contractors to pull permits before they begin repiping a home. There's normally a fee to pull a permit, which can raise your repiping cost.
  • Low: $1,800
  • Average: $3,200
  • High: $4,200

The cost to repipe a single line depends on:

  • Length and diameter of pipe that needs replaced. The longer and larger the pipe, the more you'll pay to replace it.
  • Pipe material. CPVC and PEX piping will cost less than copper.
  • Whether your home insurance will cover the repiping. Most insurance companies will cover repiping to repair a slab leak, but not as a preventative measure. Check with your insurance agent to find out what your insurance covers.
  • Local permit fees. If your plumber has to pull permits for the repiping, the fees to do so will raise your overall cost.