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Having a Service Plan/Maintenance Plan in place for your home systems is one of the most cost effective things you can do to avoid unexpected problems and expense. Our Plan is one of the best value options available in San Antonio. With each maintenance check you receive a detailed system report card, worry-free scheduling reminders, priority emergency scheduling and exclusive plan member discounts.

  • Checkout Our New SPP2.0 Plan!

    Our new SPP2.0 Plan offers add-on options with additional savings. Just like our base plan our add-on options include convenient payment options and worry-free scheduling.

    Included in the Service Partner Plan 2.0

    • Two Annual Air Conditioning System Checks
    • One Whole House Plumbing Check
    • Reduced Dispatch Fees of $24 for Daytime Emergency Service
    • 50% of Invested Base Plan Value Toward Complete Air Conditioning System Equipment Replacement
    • 10% Discount on Plumbing & Air Conditioning Repairs
    • FREE Gas Furnace Video Inspection & Combustion Analysis
    • FREE Drain Line Video (if needed with cleanout)

    What's included in your Systems Check?
    Plumbing System Check
    Heating System Check
    We will keep track of your maintenance schedule and contact you when your visits are due. Our first contact will come in the form of an email with a quick link to schedule your check. If we do not hear from you, we will follow up with a phone call to get your check scheduled.

    ADD-ON OPTIONS that will save you more and we'll keep track of it all with worry-free scheduling reminders!

    • Backflow Device Testing
    • Sprinkler System Check
    • Water Heater Service
    • Tankless Water Heater Service
    • Water Softener Quarterly Service


    Our plan includes 2 yearly Air Conditioning & Heating System Checks. By scheduling yearly checks you can prevent damage to your home as well as additional expense in repairs. A well maintained heat and air system will save you money on your energy bills and provide your family with healthier, cleaner in-home air quality.



    Added Value – we offer something that others don’t.   We believe that your plumbing system is equally important that’s why we include a whole-home plumbing system check in our plan. Many times a plumbing problem can become much larger beneath the surface than you anticipated and left undiagnosed. We can help you avoid added expense with a little preventive maintenance.

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