Whether for your home or business, a wine cellar ensures optimal taste, storage, and convenience.

Is your wine collection outgrowing your space? Wine cellars are a great next step to consider as wine refrigerators only hold up to 110 bottles. This will allow you to continue building your collection while storing your wine for longer periods.

While being stored, the two biggest battles your wine faces are fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Your wine needs a temperature of 55°F to 57°F and a humidity level of 60%. Here’s what happens if you don’t have that:

  1. As the temperature in a bottle rises, the wine inside expands more than the glass, allowing a small amount of the wine’s aroma to slowly escape through the cork. Damaging external air then enters the bottle and tarnishes the quality of your wine.
  2. When humidity is higher than 70%, it can cause mold as well as label and glue damage. Humidity lower than 50% will dry out the cork and allow air to enter the bottle.

Plus, wine cellars can be customized to fit your dreams and budget. Are you retrofitting a cellar into an existing building, creating one as part of new construction, or rehabbing an existing one? No problem! Experts at Shafer Services Plus are on hand to walk you through this process.

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