The Pro Plus Advantage Plan 

Two Complete Air Conditioning System Checks

Whole House Plumbing Check

$24 Diagnostic Charge For Emergency Services

FREE Drain Line Video Inspection 

FREE Gas Furnace Combustion Analysis 

FREE Gas Furnace Video Inspection 

10% Discount On All Repairs 

Priority Scheduling 

System Efficiency Report Cards 

pro plus advantage plan

What’s Included In Each Check-Up: Click Below

Cooling System Check ($160 Value)

  • Drain Line Inspection
  • A/C Electrical Connections
  • Blower Motor
  • Supply & Return Air Temps
  • Piping & Insulation Conditions
  • Condenser Coil Inspection
  • Fan Motor Inspection
  • Liquid Line Temp
  • Supply Plenum Inspection
  • Measure Static Pressure
  • Evaporator Coil Inspection
  • Blower Assembly
  • Motor Bearings
  • Refrigerant Levels
  • Breaker Check
  • Condenser Electrical Inspection
  • Capacitor Inspection
  • Vapor Line PSI (Suction Line)
  • Filter Check
  • System Report Card

Heating System Check ($160 Value)

  • Heat Exchanger Crack
  • Blower Operation
  • Flame Sensor Operation
  • Safety Controls Check
  • Motor Operation
  • Carbon Monoxide Check
  • Furnace Gas Connections
  • Furnace Electrical Connections
  • Filter Check
  • Measure Static Pressure
  • Blower Assembly
  • Duct Condition
  • Lighter Connection
  • Inductor Motor Operation
  • Gas Valve Inspection
  • Combustion Air Check
  • Visible Vent Pipe Connections
  • Contactor Check
  • Defrost Setting
  • System Report Card

Plumbing System Check ($89 Value)

  • All Sinks & Faucets Inspection
  • Water Filter
  • Water Heater Relief Valve
  • Water Heater Burner Assembly
  • All Toilets Inspection
  • All Fixture Drains
  • Main Water Valve
  • Hose Bibs
  • Reverse Osmosis Check
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Washer Hoses
  • Water Heater Temp Settings
  • Water Heater Gas Valve
  • Water Softener Hardness Test
  • All Fixtures Shut-Off Valves
  • Main Gas Valve
  • Water Pressure Check

Pro Plus Advantage Add-On Options 

Additional HVAC Systems 

Price: $8/mo.

What You Get: Annual checks and maintenance with each additional air conditioning system.

Backflow Device Testing

Price: $8/mo. ($11/mo. value)

What You Get: Yearly backflow test and report filed with homeowner water supplier

Tankless Water Heater Service 

Price: $28/mo. ($32/mo. value)

What You Get: Yearly tankless water heater flush and service per unit

Water Heater

Price: $8/mo.

What You Get: Yearly water heater flush and check per unit

Water Softener Salt Service 

Price: $28/mo. ($39/mo. value)

What You Get: Quarterly softener and hardness test and salt with each delivery per unit

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