Customer Referral Program

At Shafer Services Plus, we recognize that there are numerous choices for your heating, cooling and plumbing needs. We cherish the loyalty of our customers and are grateful when you spread the word about our services!

Have a friend or family member looking for plumbing or HVAC assistance? Point them our way! If your referral brings in a new customer for us, we’d like to express our gratitude with a prepaid credit card.

Our current referral fees are:

  • HVAC or Plumbing Service Call = $50
  • HVAC System Replacement = $100
  • Water Heater = $100
  • Water Softener = $100

Please understand that this is a new customer referral program and not valid for current, ongoing, or prior jobs.

Note: Before You Fill Out The Form

Before submitting a referral, please ensure that the person you're referring is aware and has consented to be contacted by us. We prioritize privacy and will not reach out to anyone without their prior knowledge and approval. Once you've informed the referred individual to expect a call from us, you may proceed with filling out the form. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Referral information


 HVAC or Plumbing Service Call = $50

  HVAC System Replacement = $100

 Water Heater = $100

 Water Softener = $100

What products / services would you like to refer?
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