Thorough Whole-Home Plumbing Inspection in San Antonio, TX

Protecting Your Home with Comprehensive Plumbing Assessments

At Shafer Services Plus, we offer detailed whole-home plumbing inspections to ensure the safety and efficiency of your plumbing system. Our experienced plumbers use the latest tools and techniques to thoroughly examine your plumbing, identifying potential issues before they become major problems. Trust us to provide insights and solutions that align with our core values of doing the right thing and exceeding expectations.

What Are Some Good Reasons You Should Have Your Whole-Home Plumbing Inspected?

Having your whole-home plumbing inspected regularly is an important aspect of home maintenance. Here are some compelling reasons to schedule these inspections:

whole home plumbing inspection san antonio, tx

A thorough plumbing inspection is a proactive step that offers both immediate and long-term benefits, whether it’s maintaining your current home or assessing a potential real estate investment. We’re here to help!

Common Whole-Home Plumbing Inspection Questions

It’s generally advised to have a plumbing inspection every two years. However, for older homes or properties with a history of plumbing issues, annual inspections may be more appropriate to prevent potential problems.

A plumbing inspection includes examining all visible piping, testing the water pressure, checking faucets and fixtures for leaks, inspecting the water heater, looking for signs of corrosion or damage, and ensuring that all drains are functioning properly.

The plumbing inspection report typically includes a detailed assessment of the plumbing system’s condition, highlighting any current or potential future issues. It covers observations on leaks, water pressure problems, the condition of pipes and fixtures, the functionality of the water heater and drainage systems, and compliance with local building codes. The report may also include recommendations for repairs, maintenance, or upgrades.

It is recommended that you clean the area around air pipes or fixtures prior to the inspector’s arrival, as this can help facilitate their work and provide them with a clear view of all components. Additionally, it may be advisable to turn off water supply lines during the inspection to prevent any potential issues from arising.

The duration of a plumbing inspection can vary based on the size and complexity of the home’s plumbing system. Generally, a standard inspection takes about 1-3 hours. Larger homes with more extensive plumbing systems or homes with known issues may take longer to inspect.

A visual plumbing inspection typically involves a basic check of visible plumbing components, such as pipes, fixtures, and appliances, for obvious signs of damage or leaks. A full diagnostic inspection is more thorough, possibly including the use of specialized equipment to check for hidden leaks, pipe blockages, and the integrity of the entire system, including sewer lines and internal mechanisms.

Yes, even newly built homes should undergo a plumbing inspection. Despite being new, construction errors or material faults can occur, and an inspection ensures everything is installed correctly and functioning as it should. Unfortunately, Shafer Services Plus does not offer this service on new construction homes.

Yes, a comprehensive plumbing inspection typically includes checking outdoor plumbing systems. This involves inspecting outdoor spigots and any outdoor connections to ensure they are in good working condition and properly winterized, if applicable.

Shafer Services Plus does not check for lead and other contaminants on a standard whole-home plumbing inspection, but if needed we could send water off for off-site testing. Ask your technician for details.

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