Cold weather has a way of sneaking up on you in Central Texas. That’s why now’s the time to have a check-up for your home’s heating system. Keeping your family warm and comfortable during cold weather is the main reason to have your system checked out, but there are other benefits as well.

Ensure Peak Efficiency

When you have a professional check your heating system they will make sure that filters are clean and the thermostat is working. Air ventilation ducts will also be checked to make sure they are clear and open. These steps combined help your system perform well when it’s needed.

Saves You Money

When your system is running at top performance, it’s more energy efficient. During a heat check, your service provider will inspect the unit to make sure there are no cracks where heat will escape, or wear and tear that can cause the system to run more than is needed- both will save you money in electricity usage.

Extends the Life of Your System

With routine maintenance, your system will continue to qualify for the manufacturer’s warranty. With normal usage, motor parts need lubrication. Additionally, the blower, fan blades, and drain line all need regular cleaning. When these services are performed by a trained professional you’ll get the longest life from your HVAC unit.

Decreases the Risk of System Failure

No one wants to wake up on a chilly morning and find that the heat doesn’t work. By performing seasonal check-ups on your heating system, you will make sure that all of the electrical components are safe, functional, and free of any rust or corrosion.

With a little planning, you can prevent costly repairs, excess energy usage, and the inconvenience of not having heat in your home. The best professionals will evaluate your system and needs, and provide you with options and estimates for repairs. By scheduling a heating system tune-up now, you’ll be warm and cozy in your home this winter.

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