In the heart of San Antonio, Texas, where generations have flourished, a touching story unfolds. Michael Saenz, a dedicated member of the community and a vital supporter of SA Youth, has received a much-needed new air conditioning system through Shafer Serves, the charitable arm of Shafer Services.

Earlier this year, Michael expressed his gratitude as the installation team worked diligently in his home. “It was an awfully hot summer last summer,” he recounted, reflecting on the discomfort endured. The new system promises not only relief from the heat but also a better quality of life for the upcoming summer season.

Michael’s deep-rooted connection to San Antonio is profound. His family’s history weaves through the city’s fabric, marked by decades of dedicated service at local institutions like Kelly Air Force Base and various community-centered enterprises. His narrative is a testament to the enduring spirit of the local community.

The contribution by Chase Anderson with Shafer Services and the nomination by SA Youth are more than gestures of goodwill; they symbolize the community’s recognition of Michael’s contributions and hardships, particularly highlighting his resilience as a heart patient during challenging times. The collaborative spirit of San Antonio shines brightly through acts of kindness such as this.

“Thank you, Mr. Robert Ortiz, for recommending me,” Michael said, his voice imbued with emotion. “I have everlasting gratitude for what you’ve done for my family and home.”

Michael’s story is a vivid reminder of the difference community support can make. It’s a narrative of gratitude, heritage, and hope—a reminder that in San Antonio, no one has to face life’s challenges alone. As Michael concludes, “There is hope out there for everybody… all you have to do is keep believing that there is someone out there to help.”

This gift of comfort to Michael Saenz is not just about beating the summer heat—it’s a celebration of community, legacy, and the human spirit. Thank you SA Youth for nominating Mr. Saenz and for helping us foster hope and comfort within our beloved community.

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