Shafer Serves is our philanthropic program dedicated to providing free HVAC and plumbing services to people and non-profits in need. It’s our way of thanking and caring for the communities we call home.

“Safe temperatures and reliable running water are critical for healthy environments,” said Chase Anderson, President and CEO of Shafer Services Plus. “By donating these services to residents and non-profits in need, we are able to help them redirect their funds to caring for their families and serving neighbors in need.”

If you know of a resident or non-profit that needs assistance, please nominate them at

Here’s a roundup of Shafer Serves projects that have had a big impact on our neighbors.


Thrive Youth Center

Shafer donated $5,000 to Thrive Youth Center, a non-profit that provides a safe and supportive center for homeless LGBTQ youth. 4.2 million youth in the United States experience homelessness each year. LGBTQ+ youth are 120% more likely to experience homelessness due to family conflicts, rejection, aging out of the foster care system, and poverty.

“Thank you, Shafer Services, for your generous donation. We are thrilled to have your support and proud to work with a company that truly cares about helping underserved populations. Your donation will support our Street Outreach Program by providing essential survival bags to youth experiencing homelessness.” Sandra Whitley, Founder/Executive Director

The City of San Antonio’s Department of Human Services

Shafer donated HVAC equipment and services to local residents in need through COSA’s Department of Human Services. These residents were in dire circumstances and in urgent need of air conditioning during Texas’ record-breaking heat.

Meals on Wheels

Shafer donated over $13,000 in products and services to install a new HVAC unit for a mother living with dementia and her disabled son. This allowed the son to keep his mother with him instead of transitioning her to a care facility.

“This is literally the only good thing that has happened to my mother and I for years. I do everything on my own. Being her fulltime caregiver is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. This will help me tremendously with keeping my mom at home and not in some facility.” Meals on Wheels Client 

Thanking veterans by caring for veterans

Shafer donated over $3,000 in products and services to assist Army veteran. 

After serving in Iraq, Jonathon returned home to his wife and two sons (both of whom suffer from seizures). Almost immediately, his youngest son underwent three brain surgeries. In the aftermath of this challenging season, Jonathon found a serious leak in his home. To make matters worse, he had the misfortune of being taken advantage of by a plumbing company that charged him $10,000 and never completed the repair. Shafer Serves was honored to assist the Hill family by donating over $3,000 in products and services to repair the slab leak for the Hill family, ensuring their home was a safe respite for healing.

“This service means everything to us. It was just a huge blessing. I can’t say enough about Shafer. The company we were working with before always canceled on us. Shafer was on time and professional. They worked fast and hard. I was told it would take three days to complete this job. It took two. They answered all of my questions and it was great to work with Shafer’s ex-military team members. Shafer is a phenomenal company, and I would recommend them to anybody.” – Jonathon Hill, Army Veteran

Guide Dogs of Texas

Shafer donated $8,000 in facility improvements and air purification systems to Guide Dogs of Texas. Guide Dogs of Texas is the only internationally accredited guide dog training school in Texas, and one of only 11 in the nation. With training time taking approximately two years, the demand for their services is high. 2020 brought numerous delays to their training program. This was due in part to their need for safe air quality and HVAC improvements. To ensure they were able to safely continue training guide dogs, Shafer Serves donated and installed air purification systems and repaired three HVAC units. These systems have the added benefit of filtering out allergens and pet dander. This saved Guide Dogs of Texas over $8,000, allowing them to reinvest this money into their training program.

“We’re so grateful for this ‘in kind’ donation from Shafer Services Plus! Having well-maintained and high-quality HVAC systems on campus is a critical component of keeping our clients, staff, volunteers, and dogs safe and comfortable. This partnership also allows us to put more resources directly into preparing future generations of guide dogs for Texans who are blind. Thanks to Shafer Serves, more people will be able to benefit from these amazing guide dogs.” – Sandy Merrill, Former Guide Dogs of Texas CEO and certified Guide Dog Mobility Instructor

Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio

Shafer donated and installed an HVAC system for a family living without AC.

Shafer Serves helped the Davis family (Yolanda Davis and her two nieces, ages 11 and 12) by installing a free air conditioning system to help them cope with San Antonio’s triple-digit summers. The donation and installation were part of the club’s efforts to ensure that club members continued to receive support at home while clubs operated at limited capacity during the pandemic.

“God is so good—thank you so much. It has been so hot that we all sleep together in my room. It has a window unit. Neither of the girls’ rooms has air conditioning. We have made a pallet so we can be together but it gets too hot to sleep. Thank you for helping.” – Yolanda Davis, Homeowner

“This HVAC donation from Shafer Serves has changed the quality of life for the Davis family and strengthens the bond that our clubs, members, and community partners share. It’s when we come together to care for one another that we experience what community can really mean.” – Angie Mock, Former CEO of Boys and Girls Clubs of San Antonio.

SA Youth

Shafer donated $15,000 in parts and services to ensure non-profit’s budget remained focused on youth. 

SA Youth is a local non-profit that empowers San Antonio’s high-risk youth and young adults by providing quality educational programming in a safe environment. Unfortunately, their AC system began malfunctioning. This left employees working amidst 90-degree temperatures as they continued to provide supplies, meals, and educational opportunities to youth during the Covid-19 crisis. Shafer Serves assisted by gifting over $15,000 in parts and services, replacing an HVAC system, and facilitating numerous repairs.

“By donating HVAC repairs and installation, Shafer Serves is helping SA Youth focus on providing much-needed supplies and educational opportunities to students who are a part of our program. It’s been an impactful gift not only for our organization but for the youth of San Antonio.” – Asia Ciaravino, President and CEO of SA Youth.

Boys and Girls Clubs of San Antonio Reindeer Brigade

Shafer Serves delivered Christmas presents to children in need.

Every year, Shafer Serves donates gifts to children at Boys and Girls Clubs of San Antonio as part of their Reindeer Brigade. This helps club families who are facing immense social and economic stress by lifting their spirits and delivering hope.

Service is who we are and how we live,” added Anderson. “It is the number one way we achieve our mission of improving lives.”

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