During Women’s History Month, Shafer Services Plus is recognizing the achievements of women who have made today’s HVAC and plumbing industries possible. Women like Alice H. Parker, who invented a natural gas furnace in 1919, and Lillian Baumbach, who became the first licensed female plumber in New York City in 1915.

Yet today’s HVAC and plumbing industries are still male-dominated with women holding less than 2% and 3% of jobs respectively. It’s past time to increase the number of women in trade and leadership roles. HVAC and plumbing industries need the diverse perspectives, unique skills, and experiences that women bring to the table.

Opportunities for women to join HVAC and plumbing fields are growing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in HVAC and plumbing industries is projected to grow 4% by 2029, adding over 40,000 new jobs. The benefits of holding these positions include having a job that is always in demand, competitive pay, community engagement, and health benefits.


Interested in getting started? 

Local community colleges and trade schools offer training programs in HVAC and plumbing to provide you with technical knowledge and hands-on experience. We’ve worked closely with Lamson Institute for years to train new professionals, PHCC (Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors Association) offers well-respected apprentice training, and Shafer offers apprentice programs across all departments. We currently have 10 apprentices in training with opportunities for more.

Interested in pursuing current opportunities?

Check out what’s currently available at Shafer. We’re looking forward to a more diverse and inclusive future!

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