Need an A/C repair in San Antonio? Is the cost to repair an A/C unit the first thing on your mind?

The cost to repair an AC in San Antonio ranges from $130 – $3,000, with most homeowners paying around $215.

Your repair cost will depend on these factors:

  1. What needs to be repaired
  2. Whether or not your AC warranty covers the repair
  3. The contractor you hire

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The A/C part that needs to be fixed determines your overall repair cost.

See, when you pay for an A/C repair, you’re paying for:

  • The cost of the part (if it needs to be replaced)
  • The cost of labor to repair/replace the part

To give you a rough estimate of what you could pay, we’ve listed some common A/C repairs in Texas and how much they normally cost:

  • Replace condenser fan motor: $250–$800
  • Replace compressor: $800–$2,500
  • Replace evaporator coil: $850–$2,500
  • Replace blower motor: $350–$850
  • Repair circuit board: $200–$850
  • Diagnose and repair refrigerant leak: $230—$1,500
  • Recharge refrigerant: $250–$950

Note: The prices listed above also include the cost of labor.

If your unit is still under warranty, you’ll pay far less in repair costs.

Your A/C should have 2 types of warranties:

  • Parts Warranty: Most manufacturers cover certain parts (normally the compressor, condenser coil, and evaporator coil) on your A/C unit 5–10 years after it’s installed, depending on the manufacturer. If you bought an extended warranty, that should increase your the warranty by at least 5 years.
  • Labor Warranty: Most reliable HVAC contractors will include a labor warranty at least 1 year (sometimes up to 5 years) after installing your unit. Many will also include a guarantee on their repair work, so they might discount or remove labor fees to repair/replace the part again.

Unfortunately, manufacturers make it easy to void your limited parts warranty. Your warranty might already be void if:

  • You didn’t register your unit when it was installed.
  • Your tech used off-brand replacement parts (instead of parts approved by the manufacturer).
  • You didn’t get your unit serviced annually by a certified professional.
  • Your air conditioner was improperly installed.
  • Parts: Visit the manufacturer’s website and search for the AC model number to find the limited parts warranty. If you can’t find the warranty, or you bought the extended warranty, contact the manufacturer directly.
  • Labor: Contact the HVAC contractor that installed your A/C unit.

The contractor you hire to repair your A/C determines how much you’ll pay in labor costs.

To give you an idea of what to expect, here’s how most HVAC contractors charge for their services:

  • Service Call Charge: Also called a “trip charge fee” or “diagnostic fee”, this is the fee contractors charge to come to your home and figure out what’s wrong with your A/C. This charge can range anywhere from $50 to $150 (we charge $60).
  • Hourly Rate: Some contractors charge by the hour for their services, normally between $75 and $150 per hour. The risk with hourly rates is that a contractor could purposely take longer to hike up your repair cost.
  • Fixed Rate: If the contractor charges a fixed rate (like we do), this means they charge one flat rate to repair your A/C, no matter how long it takes.

Extra Tips that can help:

  1. If you have a preventative maintenance plan, you may have additional savings and an extended warranty.
  2. Check for coupons and discounts.


A contractor isn’t something you want to skimp on.

Why? Well, good contractors do better work. They have the experience and know how to repair your A/C correctly, so it will last longer.

So, how do you know what to look for in an HVAC contractor? Make sure they:

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