Too much water pressure causes leaks, while too little makes for a weak shower. So, where’s a safe spot? The recommended range for water pressure is 30-80 psis (pounds per square inch), but you should aim for anywhere between 60-70 psis. This allows you to run multiple water sources at the same time without losing power. Plus, it’s still low enough to prevent strain on your pipes.

Psis above 80 are a code violation. This is of particular importance in areas like Stone Oak, Sonterra, and Helotes where homes average around 100 psi.

What Are the Warning Signs for High Water Pressure?

  1. Repeated leaks in fixtures and appliances
  2. Appliance failure
  3. Banging or knocking sounds in your plumbing
  4. Burst lines and hoses

Fixing the Problem!

An experienced plumber can check your home’s psi using a water pressure gauge. If water pressure is above 80 psi, installing a regulator, or pressure-reducing valve, can help. These valves adjust the amount of water coming in from the municipal water supply. Another safety measure is installing a thermal expansion protection tank on top of your water heater to prevent catastrophic damage. While required by the City of San Antonio, most homes and businesses do not have these already in place.

Another way to stop massive water damage—install a leak protection system that automatically turns off your water supply and notifies you when a leak is detected.

Did you know… that if a licensed plumber encounters a water heater that is not code compliant, they are required to bring it up to code? At Shafer, we always make sure your plumbing is safe, top-quality, and code-compliant.

Schedule a preventative plumbing maintenance appointment to have a licensed plumber evaluate your water pressure today.

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