No one likes someone that’s full of hot air. That goes for you too, HVAC units! Here are possible solutions to help you stay chill this summer.

Double Check Your Circuit Breaker

Start with anything that’s an easy fix! Make sure the circuit that supports your HVAC unit hasn’t been turned off. This one simple step can save you from paying for an HVAC diagnostic call.

Make Sure Your Thermostat Is Working

It’s an easy and often overlooked reason why your home is warm. Has someone accidentally set your thermostat to heat? Is your thermostat in an ideal location? Is your thermostat operating?

You’re Low on Refrigerant

HVAC units will blow warm air when they are low on refrigerant. This usually indicates a leak and is something you’ll want to contact a trusted professional to assist with.

Your Evaporator Coils Are Dirty

Evaporator coils are critical to HVAC efficiency. They need to be clean for your unit to run properly. This is something that is taken care of during your annual air conditioner tune-up.

Your Condenser Coils Have Debris

Just as indoor evaporator coils need free airflow, so do outdoor condenser coils. That’s why we recommend maintaining a two-foot clearance around your outdoor condenser unit at all times. Clear out leaves and debris, and make sure bushes are not intruding in this space.

Shafer is here to keep you chill this summer. Get the most out of your HVAC unit with our $199 Annual HVAC Tune-Up. We ensure you’re unit is running at optimal performance, saving you time and money.

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